Propp Visits Kazhakstan as Hockey Diplomat



Flyers Hall of Fame left winger Brian Propp recently accepted an invitation from the Canadian embassy to be a "hockey diplomat" as a part of a "Canada Hockey Day" cooperative project with Kazakhstan to promote Canada and to further build the game of hockey in Kazakhstan. 

The main events took place over the weekend in the capital city of Astana. Propp was one of the guests of honor at a gathering on Saturday, highlighting the 45th anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series. Ken Dryden and Phil Esposito were the keynote speakers. 

On Sunday, at the home arena of KHL team Barys Astana, there was a ceremony for the grand opening of a Hockey Hall of Fame exhibition highlighting a brand new hockey museum at the facility. A crowd of about 8,000 fans came out for a “Canada & friends” vs “Kazakhstan & friend” match of celebrities and amateurs playing for a Canada 150 “Heritage Cup”, and post-game awards reception for 350 invitees. Propp also participated in an on-ice kids hockey clinic and a short practice session before the evening game.

The overriding purpose of the event was to raise money to launch a “learn-to-play” program for 150 underprivileged boys and girls in Kazakhstan.