14 Days of Christmas Season Giving




The holiday season has always been a time of giving. Recently we launched a 12 Days of Christmas Season Giving campaign. Each day, the Flyers Alumni are making donations to worthy charities, community organizations and individuals/families in need.

We have decided to make an exciting change: The 12 Days of Giving has been extended to 14 days! 

Our focus, beyond assisting familiar charities, is to extend assistance to some smaller charitable organizations that are local to the Delaware Valley. I want to take this opportunity to thank those who make this possible: our family of sponsors and you, the fans, who attend and support our events throughout the year. Here is how the money has been put to work in the community, and how you can assist us in helping each of these worthy causes and recipients.


Thank you and happy holidays,

Brad Marsh
President, Flyers Alumni Association






Our 14 Day of Christmas Season Giving officially started with the Flyers Alumni making a $1,000 donation to the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation. The contribution was matched dollar-for-dollar by Danny Briere, as part of his own pledge to assist Snider Hockey's own 12 Days of Giving fundraising campaign with dollar-for-dollar matches on all donations.  Here's how you can help: Click here.




Philadelphia Highway Patrol Officer Andy Chan suffered devastating injuries while on duty riding his police motorcycle. Andy is in a rehabilitation center and is totally incapacitated. This leaves his wife and 3 young children without an active father and his income.

On Dec. 19, the FBBCF (Families Behind the Badge Children's Foundation) will be hosting a fundraising benefit holiday party on behalf of Officer Chan and his family. See below for more information.

The Flyers Alumni Association has donated $1,500 directly to the family's benefit. Here's how you can help, too: Click here.






Working in conjunction with Simon's Heart, Brad Marsh and Bob Kelly presented an AED (automated external defibrillator) on Monday, Dec. 9, 2019, to the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia.

About Simon's Heart: Simon's Heart is devoted to preventing pediatric sudden cardiac arrest and death through DIRE (Detection, Innovation, Reaction and Education tools), which include access and training to AED devices. To help us in supporting Simon Heart's mission, visit https://simonsheart.org/ways-to-give/

About Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia: Founded in 1887, the organization serves the needs of children growing up in impoverished communities. Clubs provide an array of services including preschool, after-school and teen-focused programs. To learn more about Boys and Girls Club services and to help us support their mission, visit https://www.bgcphila.org/donate/.





On Dec. 10, Flyers Alumni Brad Marsh and Bill Clement presented a $1,500 check to Northwest Victim Services.  Based at 6023 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia, the organization provides a wide array of vital services, free of charge, to people victimized by -- or witness to -- crimes. The services include:


  • Crisis support to crime victims, their families and significant others.
  • After Hours Assistance 267-808-0350.
  • Information about criminal justice/ police procedures and the progress of a case.
  • Advocacy for victims of crime with  the district attorney’s office, police and/ or probation departments.
  • Referrals to help victims meet immediate emergency needs through  other community agencies.
  • Accompaniment to criminal justice hearings and trials.
  • Assistance to eligible victims in completing and filing  victims compensation claims.
  • Speakers on NVS services and crime prevention for community, church and other groups.


Additionally, through the Victims Compensation Assistance Program (VCAP), Northwest Victim Services can assist eligible recipients in receiving compensation to offset medical expenses, loss of wages and/or cash benefits, relocation expenses and funeral expenses if applicable.


Northwest Victim Services is an organization that has become dear to Bill Clement's heart because of the experiences of his son, former Philadelphia Fury soccer player Chase Clement. 


On July 10, 2019, Bill received the type of phone call that every parent dreads: His son was at Temple Hospital on life support after being the victim of a hit-and-run accident a few hours earlier. Chase had gotten on his Harley Davidson motorcyle to go to his longtime girlfriend's residence in Willow Grove, PA. He didn't make it there.


While driving, Chase noticed that an irate driver was headed straight for his motorcycle. He increased his speed, and the other driver responded in kind.  The vehicle then plowed directly into Chase, throwing him  violently from the motorcycle. The other driver then sped off from the scene. Chase suffered a broken pelvis, cracked sternum broken vertibrae, fractured right shoulder, collapsed lung and broken rib. 


When Chase did not arrive at his girlfriend's house or contact her, she began to get worried.  She then received a phone call from Temple Hospital, informing her of what happened and about Chase's life-threatening condition. Distraught, she called Bill and Sissie Clement, Chase's parents.


Countless horrifying and agonizing hours later spent at Chase's side in the hospital, not knowing if he would perish or be left paralyzed if he did not, Bill and Sissy saw his condition start to improve. Only through the immediate, expert invention of police, emergency assistance personnel and Temple doctors did Chase Clement survive the hit-and-run.  Subsquently, Northwest Victim Services tended to advocating for and assisting Chase.


Chase Clement's life will never the same, and he still has a very long way to go in his physical recovery and rehabilitation process. But his situation has improved immensely in the months following the hit and run. In gratitude to Northwest Victim Services and on behalf of the crime victims they serve, the Flyers Alumni are honored to make a donation during our 14 Days of Christmas Giving campaign.


To learn more about the organization and learn about volunteering and/or donation opportunities, click here.





As part of our 14 Days campaign, we wanted to recognize and support some smaller, locally created not-for-profit organizations in addition to bigger-name charities. On Dec. 11, 2019, the Flyers Alumni presented a $1,500 donation to BookSmiles.

Based in Cherry Hill, NJ, and created by a teacher named Larry Abrams (a longtime English teacher at Lindenwold High School) for the benefit of children in underserved communities, BookSmiles is a 501(c)(3) organization that is devoted to promoting early literacy and opportunity. BookSmiles collects, builds and distributes libraries of children's books geared toward pre-elementary and elementary school aged children and their siblings. 

Due to their families' low-income status, the children of underserved communities rarely have books at home, which is a leading contributing cause to lower reading and writing development in the school setting. Over time, it leads to lower achievement on standardized tests, greater difficulty in school reading and writing assignments and lower rates of acceptance to -- and graduation from -- college.  

Brad Marsh's wife is herself a teacher, and the BookSmiles program is one that is of particular interest to Brad and other Flyers Alumni with teachers in their immediate and/or extended families. 

"The kids in low-income communities are every bit as smart and capable as ones from more privileged backgrounds but they don't have access to the same resources. When you combine a program like BookSmiles, which puts books in kids' hands from an early age, and in-school reading programs where kids are read to and then encouraged to read for themselves, it narrows the gap to some degree and makes a huge difference. I'm happy we could offer a bit of assistance to BookSmiles' mission," Brad Marsh said.

In addition to monetary donations, BookSmiles accepts donations of new, like-new and gently-used books with an emphasis on books geared toward preschool and elementary-aged children. For more information on the organization and donation opportunities, click here.





In conjunction with sponsor Toyota and Philabundance, Flyers Alumni Association officers Brad Marsh and Bob "the Hound" Kelly were joined by members of the Flyers Warriors hockey team in volunteering time to participate in the Haul Away Hunger food drive.The program will provide 450,000 pounds worth of healthy foods in order to feed families and communities in the local region that face hunger and malnutrition. The Alumni bought two Toyota trucks worth of food parcels. In all, an 87-truck convoy delivered the food.


To learn more the hunger crisis in our region and what you can do to help, visit the Philabundance website.





Based in Camden, NJ, the Neighborhood Center is a not-for-profit institution dedicated to help local residents break the cycle of generational poverty. Founded more than a century ago, it provides a supportive environment and programs that encourage academic achievement, athletic participation and accomplishment and immersion in the arts. The programs serve children and teenagers as well a "Sages" program for senior adults.


At Thanksgiving, members of the Philadelphia Flyers staff volunteered to help out. On December 12, 2019, the Flyers Alumni presented a $1,500 donation as part of our 14 Days of Christmas Season Giving program. Help us support The Neighborhood Center and the work their dedicated staff does in providing vitally needed service to one of the most underserved communities in the Delaware Valley. To learn more about their programs or to make a contribution, click here




The Flyers Alumni Association, as part of our 14 Days of Christmas Season Giving campaign, have adopted a local family in need this holiday season. We will not publicly identity the family or publish the amount of the donation, but we wanted to note that our adoption of the family this December is one of our 14 avenues of giving within our holiday season charity giving program.


A special thank you goes to Snider Hockey for helping us identify a recipient that could most benefit this time of year.




Lehigh Valley Phantoms winger Kurtis Gabriel has started a GoFundMe fundraising campaign on behalf of United Heroes League; an organization that is near and dear not only to Kurtis' own heart but also to those of the Flyers Alumni and Flyers Warriors team. The Flyers Alumni annually teach a hockey clinic for United Heroes League kids, and the Flyers Warriors took part in this year's clininc and will continue to do in the future.


The United Heroes League provides free access to team sports, including an excellent ice hockey program, for the chlidren of active-service military families. Apart from all the usual benefits that participation in youth hockey brings to kids, the sense of community and extended family is especially important to the UHL kids. In addition to free clinics and camps, UHL provides free equipment, and special experiences for the children that include free tickets to major sporting events and the opportunity to meet current pro athletes.


In support of Kurtis' $5,000 fundraising campaign for United Heroes League, the Flyers Alumni have donated $1,000 to his fundraiser as part of our 14 Days of Christmas Season Giving program. To assist Kurtis in reaching his goal, click here






Every December, the Flyers Alumni volunteer a day to purchase the food and serve a meal to the homeless at St. John's Hospice in Philadelphia (1221 Race St.). This year, the Alumni incorporated that annual tradition into a facet of the 14 Days of Christmas Season Giving program. The Alumni were even joined by Chase Clement, who wanted to help out (Chase is top center in the photo above). This year, there was a special request for Chinese food. We delivered, literally. 


Founded in 1963, St. John's Hospice is a Catholic social services men's shelter for the homeless and destitute of Philadelphia, providing for their most basic of human needs for food and shelter. It is devoted to providing such services with respect and compassion, honoring the dignity of its service recipients. As one of its services, the hospice provides a noontime hot meal for roughly 350 homeless men every weekday. 


To learn more about St. John's Hospice's services, volunteer opportunities and donation opportunities (they are an independent 501(c)3 agency associated with the charity work of Catholic Social Services), click here.







Michael's Way was founded in 2002 by Chris McElwee in memory of his brother, Michael, who lost his battle with leukemia at the age of 25. The organization is devoteed to providing quality-of-life services to pediatric cancer patients and to providing vital financial assistance their families. Very few Delaware Valley charities  assist families with expenses that are not explicitly medical-treatment related or geared toward helping with the many out-of-pocket costs that arise in tending to a young loved one stricken with cancer. The charity works directly in conjunction with social workers and numerous hospitals in our region.


One hundred percent of donations to Michael's Way go to the direct benefit of families. Not a single cent of donations goes toward covering organizational overhead. On December 17, 2019, the Flyers Alumni Association donated $1,500 to Michael's Way in support of their mission.


To learn more about Michael's Way's services, selection process for assistance recipients, ways to help (such as fundraisers with proceeds going to the charity) or direct donation opportunities, click here.






Founded in 1998 by Vivian Tan, Kids Alley is the primary program of ethics-based non-profit organization One Accord, Inc. At its core, Kids Alley is an outreach program to children in the poverty-stricken and crime-and drug-riddled Camden community to provide a safe and nurturing enviroment. Their programs include  an after-school Learning Center that provides supplementary educational services, a summer camp program, and a faith-based Saturday Live program for entire families (offering free transportation) with singing, dancing and Christian worship. In combination, the Kids Alley programs are designed to instill and reinforce vital skills and the inner strength and support system to conquer the many pitfalls and challenges that are omnipresent in the most underserved communities. 


In support of the tireless work they do, the Flyers Alumni have made a donation to Kids Alley as part of our 14 Days of Christmas Season Giving program.





Bringing Hope Home is dedicated to providing what they call "Unexpected Amazingness" --  financial assistance for household expenses as well as much-needed emotional support -- for families dealing with cancer. Since 2008, BHH has helped more than 4,500 families with more than $5.5 million of assistance. As part of our 14 Days of Christmas Season giving program, the Flyers have adopted three Bringing Hope Home families. To learn more about Bringing Hope Home' s mission, and donation opportunities, http://bringinghopehome.org/donate/.




For the 14th donation of our 14 Days of Christmas Season Giving program for 2019, we kept it within the Flyers Alumni family. Annalise Schultz, the nine-year-old granddaughter  of Flyers Hall of Famer Dave "the Hammer" Schultz, is suffering from a rare and aggressive brain tumor. The Alumni made a contribution toward Annalise's care and related non-medical expenses incurred by Dave's son, Chad, and daughter-in-law, Jenn. To learn more about the "Amazing Annalise" campaign, click here