Teammates in Wellness

The 2018 Toyota Charity Classic is an event geared to offer something for everyone, regardless of attendees age, fitness levels or special needs. As part of the event, there will be sensory-friendly additions to the Fan Fest experience that are designed for the needs of attendees who have been diagnosed along the autism spectrum.
"The sensory-friendly aspect is something we developed in conjunction with our relationship with Brett DiNovi and Associates. We've worked with them before, and they've been great friends to the Alumni and to Flyers Community.They do amazing work in the field of autism and behavioral science, which has helped us in reaching out to families and individuals in the autistic community," said Brad Marsh, the president of the Flyers Alumni Association and Flyers director of community development.
Back on Feb. 19, 2018, as part of the National Hockey League's Hockey is for Everyone month, the Flyers hosted a special event for members of the Flyers Youth Special Hockey program at the Virtua Center Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ. Various fellow Alumni including Bob “the Hound” Kelly, Marsh and Doug Crossman joined the kids to conduct a hockey clinic and scrimmage.
Now in its third season of play, the non-profit Flyers Youth Special Hockey program provides an opportunity for individuals age five and up with developmental challenges, such as Down Syndrome, autism, and other learning differences, to learn and participate in ice hockey. The program does not require previous skating or hockey experience for participation. In addition to teaching hockey skills within a low-cost, non-competitive and non-contact sporting environment, the program emphasizes building self-confidence, teamwork and responsibility. 
"The Special Hockey program has been a success. Brett DiNovi's group has been great to us in helping us along the way. Now, they're stepping up to help us with the Toyota FCC [Flyers Charity Classic], and they are helping us out in a couple of different ways," Marsh said.
In addition to their assistance with the sensory-friendly Fan Fest, DiNovi and Associates have formed a Charity Classic team in support of the fundraising mission of Flyers Charities and the Flyers Alumni Association. 
"We're looking forward to the Charity Classic. We admire what Flyers Charities, the Flyers Community Relations Department and the Flyers Alumni do in the community. Their work fits closely with what we do," DiNovi said. 
"We do a lot of work with learners with autism, and we use behavioral science to help any and all vulnerable individuals. We also use behavioral science to train leaders in industry, government, and education. Ultimately we recognize that physical and emotional wellness is impacted heavily by the lawful principles of behavior analysis and we take pride in disseminating the science to all areas that change lives."
For more information on the work of DiNovi and associates, visit their website and YouTube page.