Floyd Landis Joins Ides of Marsh

There is a friendly competition of sorts within the 2018 Toyota Flyers Charity Classic, where participants will ride, walk or run to raise money for a variety of charitable causes supported by the Flyers Charities and the Flyers Alumni Association. Come July 15, the cyclists aim to outnumber the runners/walkers and vice versa.
At last year's inaugural event, there were more cyclists than runners/walkers. So far this year, however, the runners/walkers are ahead in registration totals. In response, avid cyclist Brad Marsh recently put out a "calling all cyclists"  bulletin. Marsh, the Flyers director of community development and the president of the Flyers Alumni Association, is captaining the Ides of Marsh team at the Charity Classic. Along with 18 other participating Flyers Alumni, Marsh and his team are raising money on behalf of the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation.
"There's a little bit of competition there, yeah, in a good-natured way," Marsh said. "We want to get as many runners and walkers as possible, too, and people can sign up for any event or distance and be part of the team of their choosing. There are a lot of runners/walkers on Ides of Marsh, too. The bottom line is helping Snider Hockey get a new rink built for the Snider Hockey kids. Now, that being said, us cyclists definitely want to outdo the runners and walkers."
Among those answering Marsh's call: retired longtime professional cyclist Floyd Landis.  The 42-year-old native of Farmersville, PA, in Lancaster County, will be returning to his home region to ride with the Ides of Marsh in the 100k cycling course.
"One of the Flyers Alumni guys, Riley Cote, is very active in Athletes for CARE, as am I," Landis said. "Riles contacted me and told me about the Charity Classic. Then he hooked me up with Brad. I'm just glad to help out. I thought it would be really cool to get involved in the vent. It will be awesome to come back to where I grew up, ride on Marshy's team, and also help them raise money for the Snider Hockey kids in the Philadelphia community."
Landis still loves cycling and participates in a variety of cycling-related fundraisers. Nowadays, much of Landis' time and passion is directed toward his company, Colorado-based Floyd's of Leadville, which sells legal CDW products to help customers manage pain, inflammation and anxiety. 
"Things are going really well with the venture. It's part of a cause that I believe in strongly, due to my personal experiences with chronic pain, depression and anxiety and how I found something that works to manage it. The other part of it is that it will be awesome to meet and hang out with the fans and Flyers Alumni guys who will be participating," Landis said. 
Even the runners and walkers?
"Of course, man," Landis said with a laugh. "Runners, walkers, riders, you name it. We're all there to support a good cause."