Charity Classic: 5 Ways to Team up with Flyers Alumni

The 2018 Toyota Flyers Charity Classic is a city-wide event on July 15, 2018, incorporating a 5k walk/run through the Philadelphia Navy Yard, a 10-mile family bike ride through the Navy Yard and FDR Park, and two bike rides – a 50K and a 100K – spanning the sights and sounds of Broad Street, through historic Valley Forge Park leading back through MLK Drive to the Wells Fargo Center Complex.


As with last year's inaugural Charity Classic, the Flyers Alumni will be deeply involved with the event as participants and fundraisers. All money we raise will be donated to the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation's project to build a new rink in the Delaware Valley for use by the Snider Hockey kids. 


We invite you become our teammate at the Charity Classic. There's a half-dozen ways you join with us, and have a good time hanging out with us while raising money to help us honor the legacy of Ed Snider.


1) Choose your event. Whatever your event and distance of choice or whether you join us as an individual or along with members of your family, all of the Alumni-captained teams are available to join.


2) Choose your team. Among ourselves, we have a friendly competition going to see which team can obtain the most members and raise the most money for Snider Hockey. Ultimately, though, we'd be thrilled for you to join any of the Alumni-captained teams. 


Ides of Marsh: Captained by Brad Marsh (100k bike ride), the Ides were the largest and highest fund-raising team at the 2017 Charity Classic. Brad's aim is to make the team bigger and raise more money than last year. To join or donate to the Ides of Marsh, click here.

Flyers Alumni Team: This team includes the highest number of Flyers Alumni of any entry at the Charity Classic. Danny Briere (family 5k walk/run), Terry Carkner (family 10-mile bike ride), Bob Clarke (5k walk/run), Doug Crossman (5k walk/run), Paul Holmgren (100k bike ride), Kerry Huffman (5k walk/run), Joe Kadlec (5k walk/run), Bob "the Hound" Kelly (5k walk/run), Ian Laperriere (100k bike ride), Neil Little (family 10-mile bike ride), Jim McCrossin (100k bike ride), Bernie Parent (family 10-mile bike ride), Dave "the Hammer" Schultz (5k walk/run) and Joe Watson (family 10-mile bike ride). To join or donate to the Flyers Alumni Team, click here.

Bundy's Chariot of Flyers: Captained by Flyers Alumni defenseman and longtime broadcaster Chris Therien, the team is a first-time entry in the Charity Classic as his own team within the Alumni. Chris will doing the 5k run. To join or donate to Bundy's team, click here.

Team Guffaw: Captained for the second straight year by Flyers Hall of Fame left winger Brian Propp, the team has its sights set on beating out the Ides, Alumni, and Bundy as the top fundraising team among the Flyers-related entries. To join or donate to Brian's team, click here.


3). Walk, run or ride alongside us. Although the start times are staggered this year for the different events (in order to allow everyone to finish at about the same time, regardless of event), all of the Flyers Alumni at the Charity Classic are happy to interact with Flyers fans on the day of the vent. If you are doing the same event, gather with the group at the starting line and then come along with us. Even if you are doing a different event, there will be ample opportunity to meet with your Alumni teammates (as well as the other participating Flyers Alumni) afterwards.


4). Hang out with us at the after-party. Chico's Vibe, the biggest party band on the East Coast, will be providing live entertainment during our post-event afterparty at Xfinity Live. Our teammates and their friends/family are invited to hang out with us -- take photos, get an autograph, talk some hockey, etc. -- after we return from our events. 


5). Make a donation. Even if you cannot attend on the day of the Charity Classic, we would greatly appreciate any donations, regardless of the amount, that Flyers fans make in the name of our respective teams. We're all working together for the same cause: helping Snider Hockey.