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Flyers Alumni are available in various capacities and for a wide array of events. As the Flyers Alumni Association president, I would be happy to field initial booking inquiries  and direct them appropriately. Some things to consider:


Most, but not all Flyers Alumni are available for bookings. This is a matter of personal choice.
Short-notice bookings may or may not be available, but please don’t hesitate to inquire.
In some instances, Flyers Alumni will appear free of charge for charity events. In most cases, however, an honorarium is required and is negotiated directly between the event organizer and the individual Alum.
Appearance fees vary based on the appearance requirements, such as keynote speaking, meet-and-greet functions, autograph signing, amount of time required, etc.
It is up to each former Flyer to decide what to do with his honorarium, including making a donation to a charity of his choice.


Brad Marsh

Brad Marsh (215) 490-8424, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)




Alumni Personal Websites


Some Flyers Alumni operate personal websites from which booking inquiries, hockey clincs and/or donation information to an Alum's personal charitible foundations and events can be made. The following is a partial alphabetical list:


Bill Clement

Scott Daniels

Tim Kerr 

Eric Lindros 

Bernie Parent 

Shjon Podein 

Brian Propp 

Jeremy Roenick 

Dominic Roussel